About Us

Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear is dedicated to creating high-quality garments that are comfortable, functional, and fashionable. We take great care to ensure the fit accentuates functionality while maintaining style and quality craftsmanship. Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear is focused on quality and craftsmanship. However, in an order to maintain sustainability we take pride in knowing that our products are made with a conscientious effort to do just that. Our quality and craftsmanship are unparalleled and our sustainability is among leaders in the industry.

Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear is not just functional but flattering. The fabrics, the cut, and the comfort are not only designed to accentuate the curves and femininity of a woman but also afford her the opportunity to embrace her femininity in the sport she loves.


Mark Christopher Lawrence is a two-time Emmy Award-nominated actor, comedian, producer and an avid recreational shotgun shooter known for his work on the NBC TV hit CHUCK, Pursuit of Happiness, and many more. He has a passion for shotgun sports. Over the years Mark has been struck by the industry's lack of variety and style of the shooting gear the competitors are wearing. He feels that fashion is as individual as an athlete's firearm.

Athletes perform to their maximum potential when their bodies, minds, and equipment are all in tune and certainly part of that tuning is what they look like. Does the performance gear possess functionality and style? Mark believes that an athlete shouldn't have to choose between functionality and style and Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear has managed to capture these necessities throughout the line.