About the Brand

About the Brand

Prayer Dudz: High Quality, Functional, Fashionable Athlete Gears for Women

Prayer Dudz is the perfect choice for high-quality, functional, fashionable athlete gear for women. Our gear is designed to keep you comfortable and stylish while working out, and our prices are unbeatable.

Welcome to Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear, where style and quality meet! Are you tired of shopping around for shooting gear that isn't fashionable or is barely functional? Do you want a product that has both style and functionality and something explicitly made with female athletes in mind? Look no further--Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear has all your needs covered. Our high-quality garments are designed for ultimate protection and comfortable movement so that you can perform at the highest level during any competition. Our line of high-quality functional garments, dressy accessories, and athletic gear has been specifically designed with women like you in mind.

I created Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear to provide recreational shooters with quality, innovative products that show their styles and personalities. When I first got into shooting, it became apparent that most of the gear offered was dull and unimaginative. The issue that always remained was that the gear available on the market often had slight variations or styles. Everything seemed like it was made by some generic manufacturer who tried to make everything look the same. Our individuality and expression while playing this great sport were being ignored. I felt disheartened seeing the same drab designs all around me, but more than anything else, I wanted to make something unique and stylish.

I believe a variety of Shooting Gear; fashion should be individual as athlete firearms. We are dedicated to providing recreational shotgun shooters with the gear they need to stay safe and have fun while shooting.

Determined to make a statement, we started Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear – to give shotgun shooters the ability to express themselves through stylish, fun, and vibrant firearms clothing they can feel proud wearing. At Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear, we take immense pride in what we provide our customers. Our highly experienced professional team has created a wide range of carefully designed apparel and accessories that offer convenience, comfort, and protection while letting you amp up your shooting game in style!

We at Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear are passionate about empowering women in the shooting sport. From competitive shooters to casual enthusiasts, every woman has the right to feel confident and stylish at the range. We design fashionable yet functional apparel and gear that help you look and feel great. We care deeply about our products and ensure that each item is crafted with attention to detail, safety, and personalization. We provide everyone has the best possible experience when shopping for or using their shooting gear. Our passion for quality and our commitment to customer service and satisfaction has made us a leader in the industry.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Prayer Dudz

At Prayer Dudz, we have been dedicated to bringing you the best quality Shooting Gear for many years and understand that your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we confidently offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.

"Gain Confidence through Comfort"

We guarantee you will always feel comfortable and confident in our high-quality garments. We provide functional, fashionable items designed to precisely fit the needs of athletes and people with a feminine charm. Through materials made for comfort and durability, your purchase is sure to last season after season providing extra confidence as you take on the tough challenges.

Ready to get your shooting game on point? With Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear, you can finally have the reliable garments and gear you need without sacrificing style or femininity!


Prints and Products


Introducing Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear "FIRE" Faux Leather Shooting Vest. This vest combines style and performance perfectly, helping you look good while hitting your targets. It's exceptionally lightweight and features a unique faux leather construction that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable at the range in harsh weather conditions. This fashion-forward vest is designed to provide optimal comfort and protection during shooting sessions. This stylish vest offers enhanced durability, breathability, and added protection with its built-in shoulder and chest padding.


Are you a shooter looking for the perfect apparel to help you ace your shooting performance? Look no further than Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear. Our FIRE STRETCH TWILL SHOOTING VEST W CONTRAST is designed with comfort and versatility in mind, so it's perfect for taking on almost any kind of shoot. The unique design features superior strength and flexibility during long hunting or target practice days. Our lightweight fabric stretches easily to ensure maximum comfort, breathability, and freedom of movement. It's made from breathable fabric that stretches and moves with you, while the contrast stitching will make sure nobody ever misses your style.


 Our luxurious and stylish FIRE STRETCH TWILL SHOOTING VEST with FAUX LEATHER CONTRAST is the ideal choice for the discerning shooter. This shooting vest designed with comfort, style, and practicality has all the features you need to ensure a successful day shooting on the range or in the field. Our one-of-a-kind design provides maximum comfort and unbeatable protection, no matter the shooting environment. Our unique fabric blend creates a lightweight vest that allows for a superior range of motion and unrestricted movement when hunting. The faux leather contrast offers enhanced durability - perfect for any outdoor activity requiring extra protection.


Bring your A-game to the shooting range with Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear! Our Grace Shooting Vest with Laser Cut Side and Back Contrast brings confidence and style to the range. For those looking for a professional look while shooting, this vest will give you that edge. The laser-cut side and back contrast give it a modern edge while maintaining flexibility and mobility so you can comfortably power through your shooting session. Not to mention, it's lightweight and durable – perfect for those long days at the range or out hunting with friends. The contrasting side panels offer not just a stylish design but also an improved fit and freedom of movement as well.


Calling all shooting enthusiasts - finally, a solution that combines style, comfort, and protection! Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear's POWER 8OZ. STRETCH DENIM SHOOTING VEST is the ultimate must-have for your next hunt or range visit. This sophisticated but rugged vest provides an entry-level barrier between you and ricochetting ammunition with an 8oz stretch denim material. This vest is comfortable and flexible and is made of durable stretch denim material, ensuring maximum movement and agility during any shooting session.


Discover the ultimate shooting experience with Prayer Dudz Shooting Gear's POWER METALLIC SHOOTING VEST. This vest hugs close to the body and fits perfectly over jackets and other attire for maximum coverage; it offers superior performance and comfort. Its lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability and keeps your core temperature regulated in all environments, no matter how extreme. Plus, the reflective metallic material helps to keep you safe and visible on late nights at the range.


Our POWER SCUBA KNIT SHOOTING VEST combines the best warmth, strength, and structure in one garment. The high-performance fabric blocks wind, absorbs moisture and allows you to move freely without feeling down or constricted. This lightweight, durable vest is designed with mobility and comfort in mind, so you can enjoy unrestricted movement while remaining protected from the elements. Featuring a warm interior design, this vest keeps everything you need securely stored when it's time to aim!


The Prayer Dudz Power Stretch Twill Shooting Vest is an innovative way to stay comfortable and protected while shooting. Whether you're a hobbyist looking for a more extended session at the range or a professional on the hunt for excellence, this vest gives you plenty of protection. The unique fabric blend offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to move without restriction and keep cool with its breathable construction. It features an elastic fit for improved movement and freedom of motion during your hunt or when competing in the range.


If you're a serious shooter, then the Prayer Dudz Tempest Stretch Twill Shooting Vest with an asymmetrical zipper is perfect. Designed to give you maximum comfort and protection while shooting, this vest offers superior freedom of movement. The lightweight twill fabric wicks away moisture and keeps you cool and dry. Plus, with its asymmetrical zipper design, it's always been challenging to adjust your position or move quickly without compromising accuracy and style. With stretch twill fabric to allow for ultimate breathability, you can stay relaxed and comfortable while shooting. The two-way zip closure ensures a secure fit that won't slip down or billow out during use.


Are you looking for the perfect gift that would be sure to delight everyone? Look no further than the Prayer Dudz EGIFT CARD! This fantastic digital card allows you to give thoughtful, meaningful gifts that can be used whenever and wherever. Perfect for any special occasion or to show someone you care, a Prayer Dudz EGIFT CARD is guaranteed to bring joy to any situation. Bring a smile to someone special in your life with this unique eGift card!

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